Myotherapists assess and treat the connective tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, tissue coverings) using mostly direct ‘hands-on’ techniques and are also trained in the use of TENS machines, cold lasers, ultrasound, rehabilitation aids, taping, dry needling and exercise prescription for rehabilitation.

Myotherapy treatments incorporate the following:

  • a thorough patient history,
  • observations of tissues, movement, and gait,
  • postural assessment,
  • palpation of spine, peripheral joints, musculature, connective tissue and associated viscera,
  • clinical orthopaedic and neurological tests.

Myotherapy plays a role in manual medicine as a single mode of treatment, or is used in conjunction with treatment provided by both medical and other allied-health practitioners such as podiatry, chiropractic, osteopathy, clinical Pilates and Yoga.