We love kids!

We see babies and children of all ages. From birth through to adulthood. We have literally checked children 4 hours from birth and we believe that every single baby should have a check up. What an incredible step into life!

Imagine if you had been checked over from day one for any neurological, musculo-skeletal or biomechanical problems from birth… How much better you would be off today?!

Conditions that we help children with may include:

    • Middle Ear Infections (Otitis Media and Glue Ear)
    • Babies favouring one breast more than the other (due to a neck restriction)
    • Bed Wetting
    • Behavioural problems
    • Reflux
    • Colic
    • Restlessness or Irritability
    • Birth trauma
    • Head deformities post-birth (deformational plagiocephaly)
    • General health, complete neuro, orthopaedic and functional movement check-up

Click on the link below about headaches in children.


You will be happy to know that we also have a kids playing area as a seperate part of the waiting room. Here we have kids height tables and chairs, toys, games, colouring-in books and a gigantic chalk board they can all write on at once because it extends over two walls.

We also have a fabulous and loving team that have had children of their own and are thrilled to play with your little one/s as your other children or yourself are being treated.

We are located on the ground floor and so we have ground floor parking within meters of the clinic entrance so you are able to conveniently walk from your car, or push the baby stroller through the front door with ease.

We aim to make your visit enjoyable and stress-free!